Processing In An Uncertain Market

    In an uncertain market such as this it is important to maintain a superior level of customer service and operate in a fast and efficient manner. In a slow market you are only as successful as the team that supports you. Processing is the most important part of your team and a good processor can make or break a loan officer. As the sales portion of your business you need to be able to focus on originating more loans and building a pipeline without having to worry about the the files that have already been priced and submitted. A good processor can increase your volume by more than DOUBLE by taking over the administrative aspects of the loan process and ensuring that loans close in a timely and effective manner. I have gathered my experiences from years of working in broker shops and used them to fine tune a processing system that ensures more timely closings while reducing the number of cancellations. I also have a longstanding relationship with an escrow and title company that provide superior service and serve as an additional weapon in a winning team's arsenal.
    I ask that my loan officers e-mail their Point file along with the program information from their chosen lender. From that point on I take over the file so that my loan officers can return to originating new business. I open title and escrow, prepare disclosures, submit files, satisfy PTD and PTF conditions, and schedule closings.  I can also act as the main point of contact for the borrower if that is what the loan officer prefers. If a file is turned down I immediately notify the loan officer and assist them in finding a new home for the file. Years of experience have taught me how to put out fires, calm borrowers, and find solutions.
Once the file is completed I will mail you a loan file that is stacked and meets DRE regulation.
In a volatile and often times uncertain market confidently present yourself to your clients knowing that you can rise above the competition with the support of an experienced and successful team.